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Communication Specialist

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico - Explore location Customer Relations Full Time

Job description

Company description

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We do this by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them.

We are determined to bring a little bit of Sweden to Mexico.

Job description

To provide your IKEA Store with communication expertise, materials and tools that help build trust and engagement among co-workers, corporate stakeholders and the community. The Communication Specialist shares communication competence, develops channels and delivers content that builds brand affection, projecting IKEA as a great place to work, a leader of life at home and a responsible, growing company. Excellence in communication helps secure understanding of our values and our business direction, creates open and connected workplaces, inspires passion for our products, motivates co-workers and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.


Implement a strategic approach to communication: With deep understanding of IKEA brand, concept and operations, spot risks and opportunities for communication. Working with your manager/store leadership, you outline internal communication strategy, activities and content calendars aligned to commercial and business agendas. Set SMART goals and measure communication outcomes. Develop internal communication annual budget plan and help manage it throughout the year.

Deliver communication content: In co-ordination with Com&In, SO Corporate Communication and/or business partners in your store, develop internal communication content and engagement activities that support business in IKEA tone of voice – clear, simple, visual, down to earth. This includes everything from developing PowerPoints and posters to films and photographs, huddle notes and all-staff memos.

Secure best practice in internal communication channels: Lead a distributed approach to communication and take accountability for steady flow of inspiring content in internal channels, both offline (prints) and online such as Digital Signage, Yammer or Ikano One. Own the channels and collaborate with other stakeholders to motivate participation and secure best practices.

Create connections and engagement activities: Support the building of an open atmosphere by keeping co-workers well-informed about store priorities and connected to management as well as one another and the broader organisation. Support two-way dialogue and engagement where possible through huddles, store kick-off events, breakfast-with-the-manager sessions and more.

Collaborate and support internal comms matrix: Active participation in a network of internal communication specialists, learning, developing and contributing to a function that adds value to our business. Participate once a month in the Communication Matrix meeting to align regional content & priorities. Regularly contribute with store updates to together increase matrix competence and support regional IKEA SEA brand and storytelling efforts on internal & corporate communication channels.

Act as a sustainability ambassador: Create content and activities that develop co-worker understanding of our IKEA SEA sustainability strategy, create excitement for our shared agenda and share store achievements.

Support development of communication competence within your store: Use communication skills, knowledge and influence to support leadership and other business partners. Identify needs and support/improve tools to increase communication & IKEA brand competence among co-workers. Act as a guardian of IKEA Brand and Tone of Voice. Responsible for own development but using the existing competence development tools and resources provided.

Support in Crisis Management and Local Marketing initiatives as needed: Deliver aligned internal communication to support crisis management by working with other stakeholders such as SO Corporate Communication, LMC, Risk and your management team. Supporting Local Marketing initiatives as needed.

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•Understanding and affinity for IKEA vision and values.

•Curious about home furnishing and people’s Life at Home, and passionate in IKEA products and brand.

•Enthusiastic and motivated to engage the co-workers, and bring out the best in them to be proud of IKEA identity and embrace sustainability in every way possible.

•Driven to improve skills & knowledge to benefit the IKEA Brand and to grow personally.

•Enjoy working in fast-paced ad future-oriented retailing.


•The IKEA Brand: IKEA Concept, Culture and Values, Tone of Voice.

•IKEA Store business direction and operational routines.

•The elements of a strategic communication plan – working with back office communication content mix and channels for distribution.

•Best practices for mass internal co-worker engagement events.

•How to create or procure content – in writing, PowerPoint presentations, photography, videos, poster and more.

•Own the internal digital communication channels and engagement tools.

•IKEA SEAMEX sustainability strategy, focus areas and stories that support.

•Crisis Management Toolkit and how to support in times of pressure.

•Roles and responsibilities of the IKEA SEAMEX Communication matrix.

•IKEA Code of Conduct and ethical guidelines.


•Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Ability to create and present communication insights that are clear, focused and practical.

•Good networking, people and relationship skills. Ability to influence and communicate clearly and effectively with IKEA ToV, in English (and local language, where relevant).

•Strategic ability – able to develop SWOT analysis, define actions for communication, document strategic plans, set KPIs and measure results.

•Ability to think ‘out of the box’, challenge the common ways of thinking, be a dynamic player, and make things happen by championing flexibility, speed and simplicity.

•Ability to share passion and lead business through people.•Ability to multi-task and have good project management skills.

Expertise Required:

  • 2 years of experience in working for Retail companies or BTL Agencies.
  • Experience in coordinating point of sale activations.
  • Experience in customers' data analysis.
  • Ease of speaking and audience management.
  • Ability to establish interpersonal relationships.
  • Excellent spelling.
  • Availability to work on weekends in the store.