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Cluster Asset Management Leader

Bengaluru, Karnataka - Explore location Real Estate & Leasing Full Time

Job description


As a person you are passionate about people, business, IKEA’s purpose and continuously driving better performance. You are energized by increasing customer value, driving business growth and contributing to overall success and results through people as well as motivated by leading and developing people.
For this role we believe you have previous experience from asset management in the real estate industry. Previous experience in dealing with authorities. Academic degree in law/urban planning/business administration/architecture. Preferable knowledge of Ingka investment procedures and establishment process. Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
You have knowledge in the following areas:
• Urban planning & permitting: Knowledge of how to work with public administrations, to optimize land usage in terms of technical and authority aspects of infrastructure, protection and use of environment, planning and permitting
• Business risk management: Knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment.
• Project management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project.
• Real Estate Asset Management: Knowledge about maximizing the value of Ingka properties, by proactive management of relations, permits, continuous obligations, and real estate matters on and off site like CAMS, capex and opex and including negotiations with public and private stakeholders.
• Real Estate Asset Information Knowledge: Knowledge about Ingka property assets, including key data & information to enable follow up and proactive strategic decisions in relation to the Property asset.
• Property related taxes in Asset Management: Knowledge of the real estate taxes calculation principles and processes of their reduction in order to manage real estate/property taxes, negotiate tax incentives, and secure the tax optimization through the life-cycle of the assets
• Real estate rights protection: Knowledge of different ways, processes and tools to protect rights of Ingka for its properties.
• Real estate information sources: Knowledge of different sources of real estate information (public register, register of rights) and ways of working with them.
• Portfolio Management: Knowledge how to optimise use of the real estate portfolio. Provide overview, insights about Ingka properties. Secure business capacity through properties and their interaction
• Negotiating: Explores alternatives to reach outcomes acceptable to all parties.
• Decision making: Uses sound judgment to make timely and effective decisions.
• Relationship building: Develops virtual and other collaborative relationships to facilitate current and future objectives.
• Processing information: Gathers, organises, and analyses digital and other sources of information in an objective manner.
• Driving for results: Accomplishes goals, completes tasks, and achieves results.


Lead and manage the real estate topics related to Ingka properties in the country/district to secure rights and title and control obligations, protect properties from unauthorised use or negative change/loose.
Define risks related to the value of Ingka properties at all stages of their investment property lifecycle by proactive management of zoning, real estate permits and obligations and develop best mitigation way.

• Define risks related to Ingka properties and develop best mitigation way.
• Secure operation of Ingka properties by regular monitoring/follow up of zoning, permits, property rights and obligations, third parties activities and initiate and lead actions based on monitoring findings.
• Build and maintain long term local relationships on real estate topics with community, public authorities, government officials, property partners and neighbours where Ingka properties are located.
• Represent Ingka in all real estate aspects with common areas/properties owners’ associations in order to safeguard Ingka interests, optimise operating cost of such shared areas/properties (common area maintenance - cam, OpEx and CapEx budgets and real estate taxes).
• Lead land and permits related processes for all major rebuilds or extensions that involve an urban planning change or a building size increase.
• Work with property partners and local authorities to finalise the project continuing or pending legal obligations, and facilitate the execution of obligations.
• Investigate and organize the process of real estate taxes optimising during operation and support in obtaining of incentives during the permit and approval process.
• Organize and manage Real Estate Asset Management county/district database for all Ingka properties.
• Manage undeveloped Ingka properties in order to secure them and maximise value for further development.
• Manage easement agreements and other encumbrances in favour of third parties on Ingka properties.
• Work proactively with information analyses and defining opportunities in order to support property optimization and divestment of Ingka properties.
• Manage relations with external tenants where applicable.


As engaged, open minded and curious experts in all parts of the real estate business we take responsibility for the real estate business at Ingka Group as a trustworthy, appreciated and wanted business partner. We secure new and maintain existing physical locations in order to meet the needs of the many people. We provide strategic insight based on our knowledge and understanding of the real estate portfolio in Ingka. We take the lead in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions – with Democratic design and life cycle cost on top of our mind. We actively maintain and secure that our properties are kept in relevant shape for the business.