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Thesis Work IPEX 3D Viewer

Malmö, Skåne County - Explore location Design & Product Development Full Time

Job description

Company description

IKEA has an ambition to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life – at IPEX (IKEA Planning Experiences) we want to enable an easy and inspiring way to plan the everyday life.

The IPEX 3D Viewer is an enabling team that develops the 3D API used by IPEX planners. We abstract the complexity of 3D and provide an easy to use, visually appealing and efficient API for IPEX and IKEA.

Job description

We are now looking for 1 student that can write their Master thesis at
IKEA Planning Experiences (IPEX) from January to June 2023.

The IPEX Viewer is a 3D API that acts as a wrapper for Babylon.js and is written in TypeScript. The Thesis work involves exploring the possibility of rewriting our forward rendering solution to a deferred one.

Using deferred rendering the final lighting of a pixel is computed with the input of a number of different buffers containing information such as colour, depth, normals etc. The light calculations are done per pixel rather than per object fragment, meaning no redundant light calculations are done. This is in contrast to forward rendering, which in back-to-front order renders all objects in the 3D-scene, calculating lighting for objects that are potentially not visible in the final image.

  • Explore if a deferred renderer can perform as good or better than our current forward rendering solution running on the web.
  • Explore which and how many buffers we would need while staying memory efficient on the web.
  • See what gains can be made in terms of performance when showing many lights at the same time - possibly also explore screen space shadows.
  • Investigate a solution for handling transparency.
  • Prepare a report of findings and suggestions for future study/development/implementation.


A curious mind can do wonders!
We are looking for master’s student in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data/IT Technology and 3D programming.
Prior knowledge in real-time 3D graphics is preferred.

More Information

The thesis work needs to be performed in the premises of IPEX in Malmö, with uncertainties due to COVID 19, it may happen that student still have to do a lot of work from his/her university. Initial weeks into the thesis the student will be given an introduction on software and systems being used. 

We are looking forward to your application! Please submit both your CV and motivational letter in English latest 30th of November. If you have any questions about the role, please contact IKEA supervisor, Victor Söderberg
We are reviewing applications as they come through so don’t wait to apply!

Please note: 

To take part of the Thesis work, you have to be enrolled in a thesis course provided at university level/Thesis agreement with a university in Sweden.