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Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location Quality & Lean Full Time

Job description


• Extensive knowledge of using IT systems and other tools in daily work duties.
• Good knowledge of functions within the IKEA store and how they contribute to the recovery and quality process.
• Good knowledge of the IKEA product range.
• Extensive knowledge of the store's recovery process.
• Good understanding of merchandising techniques and how to create a commercially attractive As-Is area.
• Good knowledge of the waste management and sustainability principles.
• Basic understanding on how each workflow within Recovery affects the store profit and loss.
• Good knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many.
• Good knowledge of the IKEA product range.
• Highly motivated to give IKEA products a second chance using smart solutions.
• Always strives to reach goals with a high level of energy and motivation.
• An ambassador for the IKEA values, particularly cost-consciousness and simplicity.
• A passion for IKEA products.
• A strong desire to reflect cost-awareness in all actions.


• Proactive co-operation and contribution with colleagues inside and outside the department with the aim to minimise all internal damages or other costs related to IKEA products.
• Take necessary action on products to give them a second chance, such as repackaging and assembly.
• Present IKEA products in As-Is using a strong commercial expression, selling these products with pride and setting relevant prices that are attractive to customers yet still generate the best results for the store.
• Support the quality work in the store in order to constantly improve customers' quality perception of IKEA products.
• Always consider the sustainability impact when deciding when and how to recover products.


To contribute to the success of the IKEA business through efficient and effective operations with focus on preventing costs and maximising profit on products that cannot be sold through our normal pipeline. This work is carried out with the possible environmental impact in mind and always takes the customer's quality perception on our range into consideration. The function also ensures that any feedback on quality issues from a retail and customer point of view is taken into the product quality deviation pipeline.