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Sales Manager(销售总经理级别)

Shenzhen, Guangdong - Explore location Sales & Commercial Full Time

Job description


• Broad knowledge of IKEA concept, brand objectives, IKEA Culture & Values and vision.
• Broad knowledge of how to create business in the IKEA multichannel retail environment.
• Broad knowledge of all IKEA commercial methods and tools.
• Broad knowledge of understand the business plan process in the store.
• Motivated by the IKEA Culture and Values and the unique IKEA range.
• Passionate about selling and getting the best for the customer.
• Passionate about developing people and talent.
• Passionate about helping team achieve and develop as achievements.
• More than 10 years working experiences.


• Secure a consistent, seamless positive customer experience in store to align with all channels and secure sales and services approach in the store.
• Ensure teams have the right number of co-workers in the right place at the right time to run shops successfully and ensure co-workers are ready and available to serve customers and help them buy.
• Secure that home furnishing specialist/sales co-worker and home furnishing consultant have relevant knowledge about selling process and ways to shop in store.
• Deliver and lead the commercial action plan for store to ensure the department supports the achievement of the agreed goals for the country, maximises sales and generates sustained long-term profitability.
• Secure successful implementation of country priorities and the sharing and implementing of good solutions and driving to co-create and adapt solutions in the new designed space.
• Ensure the optimum use of the multichannel retail environment by securing it’s use in the best and most commercial way for different customers.
• Analyse the qualitative performance of store using Ingka research tools to improve the IKEA mechanical sales system and easy buying process through all channels securing different customers journeys in Store of Tomorrow.
• Know local market potential and work with team and other functions to ensure store is locally relevant throughout the different sales channels and different service needs.
• Boost the commercial opportunities benefits from new layout and new elements.
• Follow up financial goals, KPIs and costs, and take action on deviations.
• Motivate and develop team members by agreeing clear goals, expectations and conducting follow-ups.
• Secure competent and high-performing teams and leaders who inspire and empower every co-worker to recognise and understand their contribution.
• Identify and develop the many talents within the department to secure succession planning.
• Understand the IKEA social and environmental commitments and know how can contribute to sustainability and Community HUB’s to support sales.
• Cooperate with Operations Manager and commercial team to set up service approach, preparations team in the store and digital possibilities supporting selling process.


We deliver sustainable, extraordinary growth by creating a new, unique, inspiring and convenient meeting with the customers. We deliver a multi-channel experience that adds value to the many people and inspires a home furnishing movement.